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Threads for teachers and librarians:
- Music, music, music - Bill Harley will begin the conference with a concert, and I wouldn't be surprised if Bruce Hale brought music into his presentations too. Elizabeth Cadigan and Rita Whitaker-Haun offer musical presentations, and Liz Rusch connects music to other books.

- If you are a librarian, booktalks are at the top of your list. Sharon Levin returns to NRWP with two presentations - one for K - 5 books, and one for YA books. Anna Monders and Dr. Steven Bickmore will talk about middle grade titles and award-winning books, and Linda Joy Singleton -animals in picture books. The NYRA presentation will provide you with ideas to promote Nevada Young Readers Award books in your libraries and classrooms, and Anna Monders will show you just how to create an effective booktalk. Pam Larsen and Jonnica Bowen's presentation is "Librarian Unchained;" Laura Kimberly created and organized a city-wide Comic Con in Medford, Oregon; Debbie Janes talks about Teen Programming in the library; and Monica Burns and Amy Hybarger will address the importance of reading in a variety of modes. Suzanne M. Williams, an author, describes the best author visits.

- Science and children's literature go together. Look for Lou Loftin and Brian Crosby, Elizabeth Rusch (a science writer), Sara Laird with natural science experiments for elementary students, using DBQ (Document Based Questions) in Science, and several workshops featuring STEM or STEAM presentations, including "engineering" children's literature (Megan Jackling).

- Math and literature have more in common that you might realize. Denise Trakas, K-5 Math Coordinator, and Ben Contine will focus on math and literature. Paul and Jenny McFarlane will carry you into space, with math and science. Each of the STEM / STEAM presentations will include references to math as well, as will Elizabeth Rusch's nonfiction workshops.

- Mindfulness, SEL, and literature - for children and young adults - has a part in three presentations, by Principal Dr. Andi Morency, author Jacci Turner, and teacher Katie Stewart.

- Writing for the classroom: Jennifer Nails, librarian and author, has a unique slant on a creative writing program. Dariah Scott's writing prompt is an art prompt as well. Voyage to the Cactus Hotel encompasses writing as well as many other topics, as does Elizabeth Rusch's Everything Is Connected, and she'll also show you how to teach a powerful non-fiction writing technique on Saturday. Kelly Bennett's story can be adapted as a writing program for elementary students. Linda Boyden and Carolyn Dufurrena will show you how to use poetry in your own writing as well as with students.

- We have an unusual number of authors participating this year, with books and reading in their presentations, including e-books and graphic novels. Authors who write for young children - Kelly Bennett, Linda Joy Singleton, Elizabeth Rusch, Larry Dane Brimner and Linda Boyden - and for the 4th-grade-and-up readers - Bruce Hale, Bill Harley, Elizabeth Rusch, Terri Fields, Suzanne Morgan Williams, Susan Matley - are complemented by others who write for young adults, including Heather Petty, Terri Fields, and Larry Dane Brimner. Elizabeth Rusch is a non-fiction author (with two picture books, too!) writing about a wide range of subjects - music, electricity, chemistry, space, and volcanoes.

- And if you're interested in becoming an author yourself, be sure to listen to Heather Petty, especially if you'd like to write science fiction. Susan Matley will help with seven things a writer should know. Bridging authorship and the classroom, Susan has a unique project that involves students as critique partners - reading and critiquing a middle-grade novel-in-progress.

- Art in the classroom is Apryl Stott's specialty, and Dariah Scott connects art to writing. Maria Macaluso offers many and varied activities for primary classrooms and Sara Laird's presentation includes art for upper elementary students.