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Clothing Orders

Ordering Procedures
Composite orders: Remember to gather all the orders from your school, total the orders and the amount due, and send a composite order and a single check from your school to your contact person. Orders may be emailed with a check to follow.

1. Within Washoe County: Be sure to order with your assigned contact person. If you place multiple orders, please be sure to use the same contact person each time.

2. Contact persons are assigned by school name (the last name of your school). For example, Agnes Risley would be under Risley. (There are a few exceptions to this rule, such as Desert Heights or Hidden Valley.)

3. No Exchanges. We are not a store, so please, be absolutely sure of the sizes and types of shirts you are ordering. We place our orders according to the orders we receive from you. We can try to help if you have questions about sizes. At the very end, after all the orders have been processed, we will be happy to make exchanges from whatever we have left in inventory.

4. Contact persons are as follows:
Schools A-G will contact Cindy Wood at LRC
(784-4971) -

Schools H-N will contact Linda Mitchell at LRC
(682-5550) -

Schools O-Z will contact Kristy Reynolds at Sepulveda ES (337-7545) -

5. Orders from Outside Washoe County School District: Please send a composite order (mail or email) and a check, including shipping, to
Cindy Wood
WCSD Library Services
425 E. Ninth St.
Reno, NV 89512
(775-784-4971) -

Shipping: Please include $3.50 for single shirt, $18 for 20 shirts. Other shipping costs will be calculated as needed. Please allow at least four weeks for delivery outside of WCSD.