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Nevada Reading Week Conference 2015
North Valleys High School
February 27th and 28th, 2015


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Joseph Bruchac
- Author, Musician, Storyteller

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Walter Mayes
Walter the Giant Storyteller

Christina Diaz Gonzalez
- Author

Gwendolyn Hooks
- Author

Jill Esbaum

  • What is Nevada Reading Week?

More than thirty years ago, Bill Abrams, Nevada State Department of Education, with the help of a group of teachers, conceived the idea of a week-long celebration of reading to be observed in every school in the state of Nevada. The purpose was to encourage a love of reading by giving children opportunities to read and be read to, activities and competitions to engage both avid and reluctant readers, and theme-related experiences involving both the school and the community. Traditionally, the school library has been the center of Reading Week activities.

Teachers today are busy, stressed, and often more concerned with test scores and preparation than they were when the concept of Nevada Reading Week was created. Yet a time to celebrate reading as something to be valued and enjoyed is even more important. We know that there are children—and adults—who read willingly and with pleasure, and that there are children who struggle with reading; but there are also those who are able to read who do not read. In 1985, Becoming a Nation of Readers included the following: "Increasing the proportion of children who read widely and with evident satisfaction ought to be as much a goal of reading instruction as increasing the number who are competent readers" (Anderson et al., 1985, p. 15). It's even more true today.

Your Nevada Reading Week celebration can be a month-long series of activities, a week of special events, or even just a few days, not necessarily consecutive, through which reading for pleasure and fun can be encouraged. It need not be elaborate; but it does take planning and cooperation, no matter how it is celebrated. The Timeline is intended to make planning easier and more coordinated. The Idea and Activity section of this website is intended to give you tips and ideas --- not only ideas for a Nevada Reading Week celebration, but ideas that may help both librarians and classroom teachers celebrate reading all year long.

Nevada Reading Week Conference


North Valleys High School (click for map)
1470 E. Golden Valley Road, Reno, NV, 89506.

Directions:Take 395 North to the Golden Valley Exit (Exit 73). At the bottom of the offramp, turn right onto Golden Valley Road. Pass one stoplight; continue on Golden Valley Road as it curves to the east. About a mile beyond the offramp, you’ll see North Valleys High School on your right. Park in the front or on the east side of the building. Enter at the front door. )